Bulgaria, as you may know, has many famous painters and beautiful pieces of art. There is at least one art gallery even in the smaller cities and we can say that we used to have an artistic tradition. Yet, today’s young talents usually fail to achieve success and glory with their works. This is partly because people have reduced their interest in art due to financial reasons, and partly because young artists never have the opportunity/finances to organize their own exhibition. Thus, many of our young talents never actually manage to become artists, no matter how much they want it.

I am saying this, because I have two friends, who instead of becoming painters, are now working as a tattooist and an interior designer. Yes, those are not bad professions, but I believe that art is also very valuable – to the soul, and true art is their actual vocation.
The cultural department in our state is totally sleeping off its days and does little or nothing to improve the situation. Young talents are depending only on luck. A friend of mine who graduated the National Academy of Arts for example, made her first exhibition thanks to Svetlyo Kantardjiev, an owner of a gallery, who spotted her talent and decided to help her first steps as an artist. It is great there are people like him, but it would be much better if the success of the few young people interested in creating art does not depend solely on benefactors.
I think there needs to be, at least in the beginning of one’s carreer, a little “push” – an opportunity given to everyone, who wants to be an artist.

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